Michelin-Level Italian Dining in Copenhagen

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Dating wonderful traditions back to 1983, Era Ora”s cooking philosophy fills the gastronomic context of every sensorial moment you experience in their restaurant with what they call ‘Italian Inner Fusion’.

The notion of fusion kitchen usually refers to gastronomic interactions between different countries, but the Italian Inner Fusion has its origins in the vast variety of gastronomies within the country”s own borders. This is where local history, climate and creative minds have crafted a gourmet universe of infinite possibilities, countless elements and never-ending combinations.

In Italian, ‘Era Ora‘ means ‘about time’. Era Ora is a reflection of the purest joy found in hearty dining amidst magnificent earthly surroundings. It is embraced by Italian atmosphere, where deep beauty is not just an aura in the decor, but the essence of the food itself following you through the whole dining experience.

Era Ora is a place where the food is so good, that all your sense come alive. It is the place where traditions are respected, standards are maintained on the highest level imaginable, and the moons and planets decorate the room, because the owners believe that the universe is perfect in all of its imperfections, and hence we are too.

Olga Kipiani

NEW YORK, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Copenhagen undoubtedly is a city to love and crave, but what if we said that there is also a restaurant there you will never forget? Distinguished by the Michelin star 23 times in a row since 1997, Era Ora is also this year”s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Luxury Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, along with receiving other recognitions, such as ‘World”s Best Italian Restaurant outside Italy‘ by Gambero Rosso and ‘First-Ever Italian Michelin Star Restaurant outside Italy‘. This gastronomic paradise will let you really soak in the beauty of life with the help of the wonderful food they are creating.